A sectionals miracle

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Fighting for the City
March 11, 2020

With some regret from the student body after losing to Jefferson City once before, the Spartans girl’s basketball team was determined to get a win in their Sectional’s match. Getting an early lead in the 1st period, the future looked bright for the girls to get a win. However, the Jays shaped up their defense and the Spartans  had a hard time getting to the basket consistently, but they did continue to put points on the board. The score stayed very very close the rest of the game until the 4th period where the Jays took a lead. Towards the end, Azaria Hulbert made two free throws to take the lead by one. 40 seconds left and the Spartans only had to hold the ball and run the clock, but junior, Lauren Ebert was called for a travel and everyone lost hope, because Jefferson City was scoring off of every push. With a miracle, the Jays missed a layup allowing the Spartans to win 35-34.

“I feel like teamwork is the best quality that we have,” said junior, Yani Curry, “So we are going to go into every game with the best teamwork.”

The Spartans will advance to Quarterfinals on Saturday, March 10th at Lindenwood.