Tough week for Girls’ Lacrosse

Lacrosse wins a big game and looses one all in a week.


Life is like a rollercoaster. So is Lacrosse.


This week has been full of ups and downs for the girls lacrosse team here at FHC. The team started off the week strong on Wednesday, defeating Notre Dame with an impressive score of 12-3. However, Thursday night got them down when they lost against Visitation Academy, only scoring four goals compared to Visitation’s eleven.  


According to Junior Hattie Ransom, the main reason for the teams loss is that,

“We need to be more focused at the beginning of our games”, said the varsity player, “We’ve had a lot of problems where we start [a game] a lot differently then we end. We bring a lot of fire in the second half of the game, but then because of that first half that was pretty low in energy we’ve lost the game.”


However, even though the week has been tough on the team as a whole, Ransom experienced a significant personal milestone this week,

“Our game with Notre Dame was good…I actually got my first goal of the season which was fun,” said Ransom, “And actually my best friend on the team assisted me when I got it.”


The fact that more players are getting the opportunity to shine on the feild and have the opportunities to try and take goals is one of junior Josie Prince’s favorite changes the team has made from last season to this one.


“Last year we had one girl that did pretty much all the scoring”, revealed Prince, “this year we’re all helping spread the wealth around so everyone’s getting some good passes or assists, and a shot to make a goal.”  


The sharing of opportunities has enabled the team to get closer as a group, something that junior Jenna Merry accredits with the overall success of the team.


“I think the seasons going really well,” said Merry, “I think we’ve grown as a team a lot, we’ve made a lot of changes from the start [of the season] up until now.

I can see our character growing, not just in games but all around”

— Jenna Merry



Overall, even with the loss to Visitation Academy the girls lacrosse team boasts an impressive 9-5 record for the season. For more information and to keep track of the team’s wins and losses be sure to follow the link below.