Top 5 Disney Dogs


Pluto from Walt Disney pictures

Robyn Ziegemeier, Staff reporter

No. 1: Dug from Up– Dug is an excitable golden retriever with a collar that allows him to talk. As soon as he meets Carl, he immediately takes a liking to him. He steals the show every minute he’s on screen, especially with one-liners, devotion to Carl, and even moments of bravery against Charles Muntz. While he can get distracted at  times -SQUIRREL!- he ultimately helps Carl and Russell on their adventure.

No. 2: Pongo & Perdita from 101 Dalmations– While technically two different dogs, they both deserved a spot on this list. When their puppies are kidnapped by Cruella Deville’s henchmen, they stop at nothing to get them back. Once they find their fifteen pups, they also decide to rescue and adopt the other 84.   

No. 3: Nana from Peter Pan– Nana is a Newfoundland dog who plays the role of caregiver to Wendy, and her two brothers. She is shown to be smart and caring enough for the role, even treating the children as her own. All in all, she did not deserve to go to the dog house just because she was trying to do her job.  

No. 4: Pluto from the Mickey Mouse universe- Pluto is Mickey’s sidekick and best friend, and though they can sometimes be at odds, they always forgive each other in the end. Also, Pluto drew the short stick compared to Goofy, due to Pluto’s inability to walk on two legs and talk, although he makes up for it with his very exaggerated expressions.

No. 5: Bolt from Bolt– Despite knowing nothing about the world outside of the Tv show he stars in, he absolutely adores Penny. When he is accidentally shipped across the United States, he stops at nothing to return to her. At the end, he rescues her from the fire using his so called “super bark.”