Top 5 albums

Megan Percy lists her favorite jams to listen to as she navigates daily life.


A stack of albums sits, the colors representing the different styles and timbre of the music inside. Megan Percy is an avid listener to music of all types and thoroughly enjoys the different places every melody can take her.

Megan Percy, Discover editor

  1. “Oh Wonder” – Oh Wonder

By far some of the chillest songs on my playlist, it’s mellow beats really calm me and keep me at peace. At the same time, the depth of the lyrics in songs such as Shark and White Blood fill me with such complete desolation, it’s hard to remember the playful techno R&B tunes like Lose It and Technicolour Beat. It’s subtly emotionally charged, and I like it.  

2.  “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” –  Halsey

The whole album is the tale of a futuristic Romeo and Juliet. I relate to the energy expressed throughout this dramatic, synthpop retelling of the classic tragedy. Halsey’s lyrics represent the melodramatic part of me in the longing, heartbreak, anger and sadness that I have felt in the romantic misadventures I’ve had as a teenager. When looking for something to cry to and dance to at the same time, I always look to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom for the beat to make me want to move and the lyrics that make the tears want to flow.

  1.  “Melodrama” – Lorde

After breaking up with her boyfriend James Lowe, Lorde came out with this masterpiece, putting her heartbreak into a gorgeously written album that really characterizes the experience of moving on. I got hooked on this album after the first time my heart had been broken and I’m still addicted to Lorde. The lyrics used are ones that I could really scream to at a time in my life when I really needed a way to let my pain go. To this day, I use the music to lift up my spirits by losing myself in her voice.

  1. “AM” – Arctic Monkeys

This has a darker, heavier sound to it, and the weight of the album is very satisfying for me to listen to. I feel as if the music transports me to my own dark and hazy world. Sometimes its melancholy, with songs like Mad Sounds or No. 1 Party Anthem, or it’s longing and devoted, in songs like Do I Wanna Know? and I Wanna Be Yours. Either way, it’s cool vibe lets me escape into myself.

  1. Kicker” – Zella Day

A powerful, colorful escape. It is an ethereal beauty not unlike Zella herself that reminds me of the freedom of running wild, of careless, unchained nights and days spent going crazy with my friends. It makes me feel inhibited from everything holding me down, and brings out a spectrum of my deepest emotions, from joy to despair, in 12 songs.