Top 5 Disney movies

My favorite Disney movies of all time


Payton Amlong, Photo Editor

No.1  “Lion King”: This film shows the life of the African wilderness and how they have to fight for their survival and their loved ones. Like when Mufasa died by a buffalo stampede just to save his cub Simba. It doesn’t only show the life of the african wilderness, it has the best soundtrack of all time. My favorite song is “Hakuna Matata” ; It’s so catchy I sing it every time I hear it.

No.2  “Toy Story 3”: As Andy, the toy owner, moves to college he gets rid of all his toys. The toys make a mission to find their way back to Andy, but it wasn’t easy. The challenges the toys go through to complete this mission made me so invested in all the characters, and plus I have of course seen the first two movies so i’m already head over heels for these toys.

No.3  “Lilo and Stitch”: I have always loved watching this movie as a kid because I love Haiwai. It has been my dream vacation spot since i was 8. Plus if puppies like Stitch actually lived on this island it would be amazing. Stitch it my favorite character because he is always doing some sort of mischievous things, like when he made San Francisco with toys and blankets, then proceeds to act like a big monster and destroy the town.

No.4  “Up”: My favorite part of this movie is when they meet Dug , the talking dog. Doug never fails to make me laugh he is so cute and sweet. All he wants to do is play and chase squirrels. He will be in a middle of a conversation and see a squirrel and stop talking to say “squirrel”. He is so silly.

No.5  Frozen: One of Disney’s newest movies about not only one princess, but two and plot twist, one of the princesses has powers. Elisa, who is the one that has freezing powers, once almost hurt her sister by playing. She then hides her powers for nobody to see and distances herself from her sister so she would never hurt her. This reminds me of the bond i have with my sisters, who I know would never want to see me hurt.