High School Musical the Musical the Series advertisement poster redying the audience for the Disney+ launch. This show is mostly targeted towards teenagers due to the subjects it covers.

Top 5 Disney+ Shows and Movies

Ruthann Kimbrel, Staff Reporter April 30, 2020

#1: “High School Musical: the Musical: the Series (HSMTMTS)” is a ‘The Office’ style mockumentary that follows East High’s theatre group and their advisers as they manufacture attempts to make...

The US Air Force team plays Texas Christian University. These NCAA teams faced off in the March Madness Tournament.

Top 5 sports to watch

Zach Jones, Podcast editor October 19, 2018

Basketball, most definitely the 70s and 80s era of the NBA with fewer rules and more tempers flaring. Nothing beats two teams running back and forth, with peak physical endurance, chasing each other...

Top 5 football players of all time

Top 5 football players of all time

Doug West, Staff photographer October 18, 2018

1). Tom Brady. The current patriots quarterback is a no doubt, first ballot hall of famer. He has won five Super Bowl rings and is the only player to do it with one team. Brady is a consistent pocket...

Top 5 Quotable Movies

Top 5 Quotable Movies

Abigail Tarleton, Staff photographer October 16, 2018

#1: “The Wizard of Oz” - While it’s no modern day action movie, Mr. Great and Powerful certainly is a must see. This movie has been a classic since 1939 when it was the first to debut in technicolor...

Top 5 Disney movies

Top 5 Disney movies

Payton Amlong, Photo Editor October 12, 2018

No.1  “Lion King”: This film shows the life of the African wilderness and how they have to fight for their survival and their loved ones. Like when Mufasa died by a buffalo stampede just to save his...

Top 5 Book Genres

Top 5 Book Genres

Faith Carter October 11, 2018

No. 1: Realistic Fiction Although we tend to use books to escape reality, I find it quite interesting to find books that mirror situations I go through myself. Whether it be from the general pains...

Одежда для вашей левретки

Top 5 dog breeds

Gracie Kruep, Editor in Chief October 9, 2018

No. 1: The Labrador Retriever. The Labrador, most commonly known as the “Lab” i.e. yellow lab, black lab, chocolate lab, are the definition of “man’s best friend”  the are very loyal, some of...

Back to the Future was released in 1985. This was the first film to start a spectacular trilogy.

Top 5 movies

Vinny Graczyk, Staff photographer October 8, 2018

No. 1: “Back to the Future”: Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 film “Back to the Future” does what other science fiction movies attempt to do. By far my favorite movie of all time, and like Doc Brown says,...

Music is enjoyed by a lot of people. Music has a very strong influence on people.

Top 5 albums

Paige Fann, Staff photographer October 4, 2018

No.1- Harry Styles by Harry Styles This album is Harry Styles' debut solo album after One Direction’s decision to go on hiatus. Styles took inspiration from artists and groups like David Bowie, The...

Top 5 fall fashion trends

Sarah Skelly, Staff photographer October 3, 2018

1. Turtlenecks: Turtlenecks are extremely versatile. They come in any color imaginable and can be styled in several ways. Turtlenecks were popular in the 1960s, but they are making a well-deserved comeback....

Stanley Kubrick taking a selfie before it was cool. He is the second most influential director.

Top 5 Favorite Directors

Grant Boehne, Video Editor October 2, 2018

1: David Lynch: He's surrealist genius and a master of the nonlinear plot. Every scene feels like a trip through something that has never happened but feels so familiar. He directs a scene with such persistence...

Top 5 petpeeves

Top 5 petpeeves

Zoe Lentz, Staff photographer October 1, 2018

#1- Over sensitivity: I understand that it is the 21st century and things are changing, that’s not a bad thing. However, the littlest things really grinds my gears. For example, some people take it upon...

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