Top 5 sports to watch

Zach Jones top 5 sports to get you hyped for your day.


The US Air Force team plays Texas Christian University. These NCAA teams faced off in the March Madness Tournament.

Zach Jones, Podcast editor

  1. Basketball, most definitely the 70s and 80s era of the NBA with fewer rules and more tempers flaring. Nothing beats two teams running back and forth, with peak physical endurance, chasing each other to get an orange ball out of another man’s hands. The free agency/ trading, in general, can be very interesting with Lebron going to L.A. or Kevin Durant going to golden state which can rock the NBA let alone the world it is never boring to read NBA news or watch NBA games.
  2. Football, I chose football as my number two because it takes patience to enjoy football to understand what all the flags mean and the different terms and conditions players need to meet. With the different plays and different formations, football takes a lot of skill and when you can appreciate the intelligence needed to play you can find it more entertaining than some sports.   
  3. Soccer, I have a new found love for soccer, with the most recent world cup and trades that have happened kept me looking for updates and interested. A lot of the “big name” teams fell off early in the world cup while smaller teams came up through the bracket. The sport itself is entertaining to watch with communication being a huge detail in the sport and the team moving as one on defense and offense.
  4. Baseball, I love the sport of baseball as most people know I play baseball but watching it is borderline boring unless my team is playing a huge game. Let’s admit it the Cardinals aren’t going anywhere big any time soon, but I appreciate the sport in its entirety and the moving parts that have to been moving at all the times to make a team successful.
  5. Golf, This sports has a huge following while other sports have more followers and constant viewers the only interesting in golf is Tiger Woods name and his DWIs. The sport is so boring and lackluster sure a hole in one is amazing but it never happens and I can’t wrap my head around people being all dressed up in 85-degree weather watching someone playing putt putt for big boys.