Top 5 dog breeds


Одежда для вашей левретки

Gracie Kruep, Editor in Chief

No. 1: The Labrador Retriever. The Labrador, most commonly known as the “Lab” i.e. yellow lab, black lab, chocolate lab, are the definition of “man’s best friend”  the are very loyal, some of the most loyal dog breeds I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. They are extremely smart, not as smart as No. 2 on this list, but that does not bring down their charm. I have had Labs my entire life and I know that I will continue to own them as they are the best dogs I have ever seen, even other people agree.

No. 2: The Border Collie. In a long going feud over the smartest dog, Poodle or Border Collie, the Border Collie seemingly came out on top. The Border Collie is not just smart, as they pick up on commands easily and have a huge personality, they are also just downright fun. The Border Collie originated as a herding dog; to herd sheep, cows, etc. That instinct, as a working dog or not, is always there. The Border Collie will, inevitably, heard kids, cats, backyard animals, and any other thing that they can find.

No. 3: The Italian Greyhound. Also known as “Iggy’s”, have the same body type and speed capacity of Greyhounds, but are way more fun. They are sight hounds, and will run at top speed to chase down something they see in the corner of their eyes,  if someone is wanting a small, fun, dog, that does not shed too much, I would recommend an Iggy.

No. 4: The Golden Retriever. A classic dog, the Golden comes in many colors and sizes, but they do not lose their charm. They have high energy for during their early years, and begin to mellow out with age, the perfect companion for a growing family. Also, the are some of the most stunning dogs visually, their white to golden coat is often long and wiry, and its flows in the wind when they run.

No. 5: The Boxer. With their beautiful boxy head, their tight coat, and their lean structure, the Boxer is thought to have the perfect balance with body and skull. Not only are they physically appealing, they are also extremely loyal and lovable.