Top 5 petpeeves

We all have things that set us off. These are by far the worst ones.


Zoe Lentz, Staff photographer

#1- Over sensitivity: I understand that it is the 21st century and things are changing, that’s not a bad thing. However, the littlest things really grinds my gears. For example, some people take it upon themselves to be overly offended about the most insignificant comments in tv shows, jokes or, movies. It is good to be aware of these triggers, though, because there is a fine line between making a difference and being obnoxious.

#2- Gossip: I am a 16 old girl who goes to public high school, and I’ve heard my fair share of gossip. I’ve never really seen the point of it. I know that if I were to have a issue come up between me and my friend, I would confront them face-to-face. As far as starting rumors go, for the most part you can pinpoint rumors from fact. It’s the most annoying thing when your sitting in a class or at lunch and you hear people talking bad about others and then acting like it never happened.

#3- People being rude: Now I understand if you’re not having the best of days, you tend not to be in a good mood, I’ve been there–trust me–but I never seem to understand why people feel the need to be rude to others. Being moody is one thing, but you should at LEAST apologize for your tone.  I hate when I see strangers that think they’re entitled to others’ kindness, when they have done nothing to deserve it, nor will try.

#4- Feet: I don’t know what it is but when I think of feet, I cringe. I don’t mind my feet, but other feet…ew. It’s kind of like if someone tickles your armpit you laugh uncontrollably but when you do it to yourself it doesn’t have the same effect. Just typing this explanation of how much I hate feet is uncomfortable.

#5- People chomping: I’m going to have to put this as my number five because even though it’s truly annoying it’s one of the most cliche pet peeves out there. That doesn’t go to say that if someone is sitting behind me constantly chewing with their mouth open and all you hear is CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP isn’t spine raddling.