Top 5 movies


Back to the Future was released in 1985. This was the first film to start a spectacular trilogy.

Vinny Graczyk, Staff photographer

No. 1: “Back to the Future”: Robert Zemeckis’ 1985 film “Back to the Future” does what other science fiction movies attempt to do. By far my favorite movie of all time, and like Doc Brown says, “If you’re going to build a time machine, do it with style.” Also, this is the origin of my obsession with the “Delorean Motor Company”.

No. 2: “Forrest Gump”: As a close second, “Forrest Gump” has an incredible story that is almost unmatched by any other movie. Very few can imitate the beautiful style of storytelling this movie has accomplished. Intricate story telling of a simple, yet complex character and his impact on history.

No. 3: “The Sam Raimi Trilogy”: The three “Spiderman” movies directed and produced by Sam Raimi kicked off the superhero genre in films. As a young kid in the theater watching the second movie, I was instantly obsessed with the idea that superheroes are “real”. Spiderman was and still is my absolute favorite Marvel Comics character to date. Although the third movie was not received well, it was still a worthy tribute to the famous character that would go on to be rebooted twice more.

No. 4: “The Dark Knight”: Who doesn’t want to be Batman? Christopher Nolan’s ultra-realistic take on the caped crusader truly captures the essence of what makes the character really stand out. His mental struggles dealing with wanting a break from the cowl, and his very real problems with the psychotic anarchist, The Joker (Heath Ledger). By far some of my favorite performances in any realistic superhero film.

No. 5: “Back to the Future 3”: The third movie in the time traveling trilogy goes back to its original roots and working formula after the second movie was not accepted as widely. Paying attention to continuity was its main focus and i think they absolutely nailed it on the head with the third installment. Mixing time travel and the wild west? Count me in.