Top 5 Quotable Movies


#1: “The Wizard of Oz” – While it’s no modern day action movie, Mr. Great and Powerful certainly is a must see. This movie has been a classic since 1939 when it was the first to debut in technicolor and knocked everyone’s stripey socks off. With loveable characters and a crazy, dreamy twist, this is one old-timey classic that won’t make you want to get squashed by a house rather than watch it.


#2: “Forrest Gump” – Or really anything else Tom Hanks I guess too. This movie is unlike anything else and will probably continue to be a classic until we can no longer burn VHS to DVD to digital and then whatever else. Forrest Gump tells a gorgeous story fit for an english teacher to find approximately one bajillion other themes you never even noticed all while still capturing our attention and our hearts.


#3: Star Wars – I mean it’s kind of cheating to put the whole franchise but you have to, but if you’re really in a crunch for time, Empire Strikes back is the way to go. Currently having 10 movies to the title, the franchise seriously has young to old, geek to jock, and explosions to love stories covered. Also, check out John Williams and his music and the other classic movies he’s composed for, that man knows what he’s doing.


#4: “The Princess Bride” – Grandpa tells you straight off in the beginning anyway, but man this movie has everything too. While true love is the center of this sweet story, they cover a lot of ground in the meantime. Riddles, fencing, wit, humor, torture you name it. Not having watched it in your lifetime would be… inconceivable.


#5: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” – While sometimes the plot may seem almost as elusive as the Grail, this movie is essentially entirely quotable lines, it’s decorated by stunning graphics (not really), and is hilarious from one end to the other. Besides, if your U.S. Government class can watch a clip (  of it to intro your unit on democracy and its funny, it’s got to be good. Plus, this movie is never arrrggghhh…