Top 5 Disney+ Shows and Movies



High School Musical the Musical the Series advertisement poster redying the audience for the Disney+ launch. This show is mostly targeted towards teenagers due to the subjects it covers.

#1: “High School Musical: the Musical: the Series (HSMTMTS)” is a ‘The Office’ style mockumentary that follows East High’s theatre group and their advisers as they manufacture attempts to make their ‘High School Musical’ musical a success while going through their own personal trials and tribulations. Songs from the show are beautifully executed by Olivia Rodrigo, Joshua Bassett, Kate Reinders, Matt Cornett and the entire cast and it includes original music such as “Born to be Brave”, “I Think I Kinda Ya Know”, and “Billion Sorrys” while also including songs from the High School Musical movies such as “Breaking Free”, “Bop to the Top” and “Stick to the Status Quo”. The show also allows original cast members from the movies like Lucas Grabeel (Ryan Evans)  and Kaycee Stroh (Martha Cox) to make memorable cameos. 


#2: A Disney classic from 2004, “Home on the Range” is a humour filled adventure for 3 dairy cows attempting to save their ranch from a yodeling cattle thief and his henchman. The songs are catchy and comical and the characters unforgettable and (somehow) relatable. The art style is fitting for the wild west theme and the voice actors are accredited with perfectly catching the ‘Southern charm’ in the characters voices which gives each character their own personality


#3: The animated shorts from Disney and Pixar provide visually stunning and story-driven plot in episodes that can last about two to five minutes each. The story within each is easily readable and understandable and they are each unique in their own ways which easily keeps the viewers interest. The “Sparkshorts” is a collection of newer, recent animated shorts such as “Loop”, “Purl” and “Bao” while older animated shorts like “Jack-Jack Attack” and ‘for the birds’ are stand-alone episodes. 


#4: Jeff Goldblum returns to the screen in his Disney+ original “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”. In the series, Goldblum informs the viewer of a multitude of subjects in which people use in their everyday lives including cosmetics, pools and gaming. Goldblum uses his own past experiences and compares it to present-day while using recorded statistics, humor and fun visuals to keep the watchers attention on the screen. This is a relieving way to learn about normal everyday objects that you may have thought that research for these items even existed.


#5: “The Mandalorian” was one of the most highly anticipated Disney+ original shows of 2019 and little did the public know that they would fall head over heels in love with Baby Yoda. The soundtrack to the show was astonishing and it was visually appealing however the storyline was dry and action scenes were tedious and the timeline for the Star Wars Universe became more complicated due to the canonical age of Yoda in the series and fans tying in The Clone Wars with Star Wars lore.