Top 5 football players of all time

This is the top 5 football players of all time from the beginning to the now.


Doug West, Staff photographer

1). Tom Brady.

The current patriots quarterback is a no doubt, first ballot hall of famer. He has won five Super Bowl rings and is the only player to do it with one team. Brady is a consistent pocket passer despite every year having a new receiving core. Brady has thrown for 488 career touchdowns followed with just 160 interceptions. The 41 year old is entering his 17th season, looking to bounce back from a Super Bowl loss to the eagles.

2.)  Peyton Manning.

The Colts Legend and former Denver Bronco ended his career by retiring shortly after a Super Bowl 50 win. Peyton was a top talent coming out of the University of Tennessee and was selected number one overall by the colts. The colts early on had problems but Manning was determined. Peyton turned them around and won at least 12 games for seven consecutive seasons followed with topping off a championship victory in Super Bowl 41. Then during free agency manning met with the Broncos and the rest is history. Manning finished his career by leading the league in passing yards with 71,940.

3.) Ray Lewis.

Ray lewis is one of the most feared players in NFL (National Football League) history. Lewis is known for his motivational pregame speeches, his brutally heavy hits on opposing players, and doing whatever it takes to win. Lewis was recently inducted into the hall of fame( First ballot of course). Coming out of the University of Miami, Lewis made an instant impact on the Baltimore Ravens defense. Ray would stay with the Ravens his entire 17 year career and finish with 1,336 career tackles and 31 interceptions. Ray Lewis will go down in history as one of the greatest to ever play the game of football.

4.) Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin was a dependable wide receiver for 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys. Irvin topped off his career with 750 receptions, followed by an impressive 65 career touchdowns. Irvin was one of the most flamboyant players of his era and could “walk-the-walk” by bringing home three Super Bowl victories. Unfortunately, a minor spinal cord injury brought his career to a quick end, but he didn’t leave the game without honors. Irvin was inducted into the hall of fame in 2007 and will always be in the conversation of one of the greatest cowboys the franchise has ever had.

5.) Walter Payton

“Sweetness” was one of the greatest franchise players of all time with the Chicago Bears, he had trail-blazing speed but could also run up the middle and take a beating. In Payton’s career he had rushed for 16,726 yards and rushed for 110 touchdowns. On the passing side, he received 492 passes for 4,538 yards with 15 touchdowns. Payton would go on to win Super Bowl 20 and shortly thereafter retire. Irvin was inducted into the hall of fame and the rest was history. But unfortunately, it would go down hill from there as Payton had developed bile duct cancer and shortly passed away at the age of just 45. Payton will forever be remembered as the player and the man who would put the team on his back and get the dirty work done to win.