Arsenic and amazing crew heads

The president of FHC Spotlight Players talks about struggles and strengths in theatre


Corinne Vorderstrasse

Isaiah Henry and Rachel Vrazel

Holly Whaley, Staff reporter

FHC Spotlight players are revving up for an exciting production this October.

   Janelle Klos, President of the Spotlight Players, says “I feel like it’s going so good. Like, I don’t know, everything’s thought out and everything is running super smoothly.” ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ is going to have an extravagant set, giving the actors and actresses an outstanding foundation for setting the scene of the play. Klos is incredibly proud of the set crew for this play.

  “I’m so proud of set, because both of their crew heads are new and yet were able to do such a great job,” said Klos. Set crew heads Emily West and Liv Hritzkowin are both new to the position of crew head, and are making great strides to make this play amazing.

  “The biggest struggle [in theatre] right now is respect. A lot of people don’t understand how hard it is for production staff to get everything organized and done for everyone. Theatre is a place to have fun, but when it gets to the point where crew heads are being disrespected, then it has come too far,” Klos said. The crew heads in all departments are working incredibly hard and overcoming the new obstacles that this production has thrown at them. Through thick and thin, the members of theatre are hard-working, creative people and are going to make Arsenic and Old Lace one for the books.