Success of Homecoming

Student council feeling on their hard work towards homecoming

George Schlotzhauer

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The build up to homecoming: The preparation and excitement coming before homecoming is essential to the success of homecoming. Another homecoming parade going by perfectly. The homecoming dance and game success came soon after.

After weeks of hard work the day of homecoming finally came and it went off without a hitch. Student council feels like the homecoming dance went well and was an accomplishment. Student council is responsible for planning homecoming and making sure it goes well. It takes a lot of time and work to do homecoming, so it’s important to them that it goes well.

StuCo wanted the homecoming dance to be a fun and a time for people to relax from school stress. For student council to see it’s hard work pay off is a great relief to them. Freshman Gabrielle Hellmann an officer on student council reflected this attitude when speaking of this year’s homecoming.

“It was better than any other dances i went to. I enjoyed myself there better than the others,” Hellmann said.

Part of the success is if the student council members enjoy it themselves. If the members of student council enjoyed it they believe it is more likely that more of the student body also enjoyed the dance.

It’s a great worry for student council to prepare everything for the homecoming dance. They were able to prepare for the dance and didn’t have to worry too much about it. Junior Jackson Timblin, another officer, reflected on why the success of this homecoming was so prominent.

“The homecoming dance was a success because we got everything set up before the game,” Timblin said.

The goal of the homecoming dance is for people to have fun and talk with people around the school and grow more school spirit.

“I think everyone likes socializing and meeting new people,” Hellmann said.

StuCo is responsible for cleaning up after the dance. This effort can be hard, but StuCo usually doesn’t have too many problems with this. The clean up this year wasn’t any worse than usual.

StuCo was considerably more prepared this year than previously. They were very glad they were able to have the whole dance planned out before the Homecoming game. Being prepared and ready prior to the dance is very important and is a great help in allowing the dance to flow smoothly.

StuCo is always looking to how they can improve the dance for next year. Since they have all the planning and decision making they have a lot of power over the way the dance goes. Freshman Sarah Percy, an officer on student council, reflected on potential improvements StuCo could make next year.

“I would work on the music selection because people didn’t seem to like it. My friends complained about it afterwards,” Percy said.

Here you can keep up with StuCo and all they have planned.

I think everyone likes socializing and meeting new people,”

— Gabrielle Hellmann