Sketchbook shenanigans

A look at a new project trying to invite more people into art


Each day a new prompt is prepared for the students participating in the sketchbook project.

Craig Eddy, Entertain editor

A look at a new project trying to invite more people into art

Every year in the month of October, artists and painters and others alike celebrate October not as a spooky month, but one full of art appreciation. October is National Art Month, and the team of NAHS is celebrating in an interesting and incorporating way. The students along with Ms. Judy Switzer, are starting a project that allows everyone to give it a try.

“[The sketchbook project] is an idea that NAHS had in order to promote awareness about National Art Month,” Ms. Switzer said. “You are challenged to 30 drawings in 31 days so it’s basically whatever you want to do.”

The sketchbook project is a way for people who aren’t normally in art classes to get into art and try their best all for a little fun.

“I think it can help [with getting into art] if you’re already involved in art,” Ms. Switzer said. “The goal was to reach people who don’t normally do it and challenge them to think creatively and have that outlet.”

Although it may not be accessible to all but already several people have taken up the mantle outside of NAHS or an art class.

“We put out an announcement that sketchbooks were available and we gave out 60 sketchbooks,” Switzer said. “Maybe it will catch on and maybe they will start keeping a sketchbook and actually doing it every day.”

One student participating but in NAHS is senior Austin Crudup, and he is very excited because the concept is so interesting.

“Pretty much Ms. Switzer saw something online called Inktober, where you draw a prompt in ink every day, but not everyone has access to ink, but everyone has a pencil,” Crudup said, “I thought it was cool personally because for me, it’s hard to just come up with an idea, so to have 30 art prompts ready for me is a great idea.”

Along with a helpful way to get ideas and inspiration, it is also a way to keep one preoccupied.

“I could just accomplish stuff and just kind of express myself,” Crudup said. “It’s also something fun to do when you have nothing to do over fall break or something.”

Each day a new prompt is ready, and a new idea comes ready to be explored.