Coming to the end

Boys swim members competed their GACs meet and some qualified for State. They have had a good season anticipate what will come next.


Faith Carter

Boys swim competed in GACs. Some boys qualified for State and are anxious for what it holds.

The end is coming near, and GACs are about to come and go. Seniors will leave, but memories will be made. GACs is where swim members can showcase all the hard work they have put in for this single moment. GACs leads to personal records, which hopefully qualifies the swimmers for state. With a few members already qualified, the idea of more to come is a high hope the swimmers have set for themselves.

The swim members are proud of how well they’ve done this season and are satisfied with this season as a whole. The swim team has put in hours at difficult practices to achieve the results they want and GACs was a perfect opportunity for the boys to prove how hard they’ve worked this season. Junior Tristan Wren is happy with his season and Central’s season as a whole.

“I’m really proud of everyone this season… I feel like I could’ve done better (at GACs), but I still feel like I had a good season,” Wren said.

In addition to being proud of the team this season, the members of the swim team will miss being with their teammates and making memories. The amount of hard work, effort, and dedication they’ve put forth makes for a bittersweet departure of this season. The boys will reminisce on the experiences they’ve had and will miss the friendships and bonds they’ve made.

Junior Nathan Bennett will miss being with his friends at practices and spending time growing closer to all the members of the team.

“Being at practices was definitely one of my favorite things. I’m gonna miss hanging out with everyone… and I’ll miss getting better at practices,” Bennett said.

This swim season has been one of memories, growth, and bonds formed. The senior boys will leave the rest of the team missing them, but the seniors being gone gives an opportunity for other boys to step up and take on a role of leadership in their place.

Junior Ty Nedungadi will miss the seniors, but knows they will continue encouraging and supporting each other even after they’re gone.

“I’ll miss the seniors for sure… but we’ll be able to be in that leadership position and be as encouraging as they were,” said Nedungadi.

Through the boys’ hard work and dedication, they were able to swim their best season and for some, make it beyond GACs and qualify for the State Swim meet. Persistence was a key factor in advancing further and the boys have demonstrated this characteristic since the start of the season.

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