City of 6,000 kids

At the national journalism conference in Chicago, Illinois, students from Francis Howell Central were able to gain knowledge about journalism and experience the city.

Faith Carter, Staff photographer


In a city normally occupied with millions of people, a meager 6,000+ of its temporary inhabitants were students attending the national journalism conference held from Nov. 1-4. The conference, held in Chicago, allowed students to take classes focused on different types of journalism. At the award ceremony, Francis Howell Central was nominated for a Newspaper Pacemaker award, and two of Central’s former students, Garrett Allen and Sydney Robbins, won second place for infographic and sports photography respectively. Although Central did not win a Pacemaker award, the students were happily surprised to win a Best of Show award for newspaper.

“I thought Chicago was a good learning experience. There were so many classes I could take…[and] it was cool seeing all of these publications…doing so many cool things,” said Chloe Bockhorst. “It was exciting to get the [Best of Show] award, [even though] we really wanted…a Pacemaker…, because that shows we can do even better for our future papers.”

The next JEA NSPA conference will be held in Anaheim, California in the spring of 2019, and the next fall conference will be in Washington, D.C. Although Francis Howell Central will not be attending the spring conference, the school hopes to take many students to Washington, D.C. in the fall.