The projects of NAHS

National Art Honor Society gives students the freedom to focus on and continue making art.


Amelia Vohsen

NAHS members worked on projects. The club allows them to create more art outside of their classes.

Gabby Buchholz, Copy editor

After school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Studio 243, you can find many students hard at work completing different art projects from their classes, or creating something new just for NAHS.

National Art Honor Society is in full swing, having a few outings under their belt (such as to Laumeier Sculpture Park) and have been meeting twice a week since the beginning of the year.

Right now, as Thanksgiving and the end of the semester approaches, students in NAHS are focusing on finishing projects they are currently working, or beginning new pieces.

Senior Kobi Nolan is one such student, who, being in multiple art classes, uses NAHS to work on projects he’s begun in one of his classes. Right now, he focuses on a cityscape piece.

“[It] will be half of a print and half colored pencil,” Nolan described. “It’ll display a bunch of little images of people doing their own thing, like different stories.”

Some students, like senior Dylan Hotchkiss, appreciate the extra time NAHS gives them. Hotchkiss enjoys that NAHS allows for more time than his art classes do to continue working on projects.

“In class, you have less than an hour to [work on stuff],” Hotchkiss said. “But this is a nice two hours that you can really just work on one thing and get it done and really focus on what you want to do.”

For Alexus Buck, a senior, she also enjoys the extra time NAHS gives her to focus on her art.
“I’m enjoying [the club] quite a bit,” Buck said. “It’s very helpful for me because I don’t get to really do this kind of stuff at home.”

NAHS gives students the freedom to create whatever they wish, whether it be a project on their own time, or work already begun in class. It also gives them the opportunity to showcase their work in an exhibition, planned for later this year.

National Art Honor Society meets every Tuesday and Thursday in Studio 243. There is information outside Studio 243 on how to join.