Spotlight on students’ work

Two art students’ work got a special display for several of their pieces.


Grant Boehne

Junior Anna Carroll’s work on display in the art hallway. Carroll and Ms. Switzer picked out which pieces to be on display.

Gabby Buchholz, Copy editor

Near the art hallway upstairs, students’ pieces from all of the art classes are on display. Work from Intro to Art, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and more hang on the walls or sit in glass cases. Recently, two students’ work was especially highlighted, with several of their pieces being put on display in the middle of the hallway.

Junior Anna Carroll and senior Sammi Brennan were chosen by AP Studio, Painting, and Drawing teacher Ms. Judy Switzer to spotlight their work on special boards.

“She was like, ‘I think I want to display some of your stuff,’” Carroll said. “She told me to bring it all in.”

Ms. Switzer chose Brennan and Carroll because of the different pieces they had. She really enjoys both of their work and was excited to display them in the hallway.
“They’re really different artists, but I think they complement each other as a display,” Ms. Switzer said. “They’re consistently good throughout, it’s not just one really great piece.”

For Brennan, she was excited for displaying some of her favorite pieces.

“My dragon is probably one of my favorites. It was one of the first pieces I did in my AP Studio class,” Brennan said.

Likewise, Carroll has a few favorite works on display, including one that combined two very different elements.

“My favorite piece is probably Fido Kahlo, which is my friend’s dog Turbo depicted as Frida Kahlo,” Carroll explained. “It’s so funny. And it means a lot to my friend because she really loves her dog.”

Carroll and Brennan didn’t become skilled artists overnight. They both took different approaches to improving their art overall.

“I’m just constantly getting inspiration from others,” Carroll said. “I look at my art and think, ‘Oh, what could I do better next time’, and I get new ideas.”

For Brennan, she found that practice can make close to perfect.

“I like to practice just a lot of concepts and researching different styles,” Brennan said.

If you haven’t yet, check out Carroll and Brennan’s artwork on display upstairs. And while you’re there, make sure to check out the other art work from all of our classes on display as well.