Art appreciation

Students release stress, display creativity through art classes


Amelia Vohsen

Pondering his next addition to a watercolor painting of his water bottle, senior Kobi Nolan ponders what his next action will be. Art classes often serve as a way for students to express their creativity and allow their mind to relax during the school day.

Elizabeth Osborn, Staff reporter

Art is how you show your feelings instead of punching something or screaming/yelling at someone. Creating a piece of art; whether a drawing, a painting, or a sculpture; helps clear our minds.

We use art to convey what we don’t want to say aloud. Through art, we can communicate what we are feeling. We were born with an instinct to share feelings. Even if we don’t like saying them outloud then we can express them through art.

“Art affects my life by being able to express my emotions and communicate to others through the artwork,” freshman Abby Tatalovich said.

Art has many purposes like: a stress reliever, to make people think, to make someone take action, to be creative, etc. Even if you’re not an artist you can still do art to depict how you are feeling. Art isn’t meant to be stressful it is meant to help you become less stressed.

“I feel very calm when I look at a piece of art that is painted purple. It reminds me of lavender flowers and the calming smell,” art teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth Sprick said.

When you look at a piece of art that someone else has made you are seeing how they were feeling when they made it.

“Some art has different meanings behind it. Depending on it’s meaning that I interpret can make me happy, sad, or even angry,” Tatalovich said.

Depending on what the work of art is displaying it makes you feel different things. If something is displayed in a play, movie, or live event it will most likely be moving. The color of something can affect your mood towards a work of art.

“It depends on the yellow piece of art. The ones I am thinking of show movement,” Mrs. Sprick said.

As teens, we don’t like to follow rules. Artists like to break the rules. They like to make you think and question. They use so many different materials to express their thoughts.

Art challenges and pushes us to try. If you just draw a line maybe you should draw another line and then you might just want to keep going because it is relaxing drawing lines.

“You’re going to seven different classes in the day, to going home, then coming back, you’re going to visit family. If you just sit down and challenge yourself to paint, draw, or sculpt something. I feel like it is just a little brain break. You get to do whatever you want,” Mrs. Sprick said.