A fresh start

The girl’s swim team dives into the new season with a positive attitude


Practices and meets for the swim team are held at the St. Peters Rec-Plex.

Jessica Fults and

Holding a pass to leave early from her 7th-hour gym class, freshman Keaton Frye awaits her first meet on the varsity swim team. Frye began to swim when she was only six years old, and it has quickly become her favorite sport in high school, thanks to the welcoming attitude from her teammates.

“The meet on Monday was very exciting because it was my first high school meet,” Frye said. “I feel so welcomed, I played softball before swim and the older girls didn’t really talk or acknowledge me as much as the girls on the swim team do. We’re all bonding and becoming friends. I’m friends with seniors on the team and I’m only a freshman.”

Although the team lost at their tri-meet against Fort Zumwalt West and Liberty, they adapted through practice won at Fort Zumwalt South. Swim captain Corrina Trimble says the key to their success is how they practice as a team.

“I think one of the strengths of our teams is the way we practice together, this allows us to gain really close time and place consecutively, which in the long run helps us to gain points and win. Another thing is the way we can come together and help each other improve on technique,” Trimble said.

Even though the meets are helpful most of the time, they also take away from school and an adequate night of sleep. Meets are scheduled earlier in the day, but frequent practices go late into the night. Junior Jane Eilers feels the effect of their orthodox practice times.

“Sometimes we have after school meets that start around 3:30 and go to 5:30 but sometimes we have late practices that go from 8:30 to almost 10,” said Eilers.

As the captain, Trimble has the experience of helping swimmers improve on their strokes and adapt to the new schedule.

“I hope they’re adapting well, I’m doing everything to make them feel welcome and I know a few of them are struggle with the hours, but I think that in the long run they’re making friends and having a good time,” Trimble said.