My Favorite Photo: Faith Carter

Faith Carter, Staff photographer

While shooting basketball, I had to use the larger lens to freeze the quick-moving action of basketball. It proved to be a difficult task to follow the girls as they ran from on side of the court to the other side of the court. I just happened to get this shot by shooting near by the hoop and waiting for the girls to come by and fight for the ball. I like this photo the most because it shows how determined how each of the players are determined to gain control of the ball, and that both their faces as well as their body language express this as well. Also, what I like a lot about this photo is how sharp and frozen everything is while also having clear emotion. While photography is all about freezing motion and a story within about 5000×3000 pixels, it is quite hard to actually execute that sometimes. In this photo, I feel like I was able to capture both in one photo and I am very proud of that.