One last time

The Spartan wrestlers experience victory as seniors say goodbye


Payton Amlong

Austin Smith is surprised when his opponent attacks from beneath. As a senior, this is one of his last matches, and to celebrate the long list of lasts for leaving seniors, sports have nights such as Senior night.

Maddie Fuller, Staff reporter

The wrestlers took a great hit, as they faced off against opponents at Troy Buchanan High School on Jan. 16th. The teams that went to this tournament performed well and represented our school with pride. Not only were the Spartans successful, but it was Senior night; the night that celebrates those finishing their last season, a night that senior Bryce Alberty will never forget, as he won his match and experienced a great night with his senior teammates.

“I was [hyped] because of senior night and my teammates were cheering me on the whole way,” Alberty said, “I definitely made sure that my opponent knew that I wasn’t letting him get away, I was showing I meant business.”

The wrestlers made sure to prepare for the meet, freshman Brock Spinale noted, being on both the freshman and JV teams.

“We did a warm up where we had a partner and practiced different moves before we went onto the floor and did our real matches,” Spinale mentioned.

Similar to Alberty, Spinale also won his match, showing off his new move he learned; the inside trip.

Although he did not have a match, sophomore Khristian Humes explains how he still trained for the meet to get better practice for the following tournaments and meets they will go to.

“I just made sure I warmed up and had all the moves down that I was practicing,” Humes said, “I did them over and over again, [and] I practiced before the meet.”

On Jan. 18th, the varsity will be heading to an Invitational at Winnetonka. It is one of the biggest Invitationals, as a bunch of schools come together to compete against each other off in a match. The Invitational is quite big, needing to separate the weight divisions within the teams.

“Our next meet is this weekend at Winnetonka, which is a really challenging tournament,” Alberty noted, “So my goal is to hopefully win.”

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