Things Underrated

Un·der·rate /ˌəndə(r)ˈrāt/ verb

past tense: underrated; past participle: underrated

underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something).


As each year comes passing by, the appreciation each person has for the things that are given to them has lowered and lowered until this generation has little to none. From the Millenials who wanted nothing more than to be insta-famous to the Gen Z’s who think it’s cool to hit a juul underaged and post it on snapchat; none of them have stopped to think, ‘Gosh, I am so thankful for the things I’ve been given.’

Everything is becoming underrated in today’s society.

Life passes by so quickly; one day you’ll be sitting at lunch with your friends talking about the teacher who gave you a detention for not doing your work to barely being able to remember your own name as Alzheimer’s hits you next.

Has it never occured to anybody to ever just stop whatever they are doing to just appreciate something?

What about the girl who helped you pick up your books in the hallway when some jock knocked them out of your hands? Maybe the janitor who cleans up your lunch table after you and your friends decide to spill milk everywhere for the fun of it? Or perhaps even doorknobs?

Just think about it, we wouldn’t be able to live without doorknobs. They help keep our annoying siblings from coming into our rooms, they give us privacy when needing to freshen up, and more importantly; they help us go from one room to the next.

Stop trying to worry about what filter you should use to send the boy you’re friend zoning, or contemplating what pod to bribe some eighteen year old to get you while stealing money from your parent. Stop obsessing over that one kid in your science class and copying off your friends english assignment.

Just put everything away and tell everybody to shove it up their chimney, and start to appreciate life and everything it gives.

And you know, chimneys are underrated too.