Let the show begin

The theatre department begins preparing for their spring production of “Fiddler on the Roof”.


Photo provided by: Catherine Analla

On the evening of Fri., Feb. 1, the cast list for the FHC Spotlight Players’ spring production of “Fiddler on the Roof” was released. With 13 principal roles and 18 ensemble members, the large cast began their first rehearsals this week with a read-through of the script on Monday and rehearsal on Tuesday.

For some, like sophomore Taylor Krieg, this show will be their first on cast.

“I play Chava, who is the third youngest daughter of the family,” described Krieg. “She’s a bookworm, and she falls in love with a Russian soldier.”

Some of the cast, junior Josiah Haan, are coming back to the stage after acting before. But for Haan, this show is a change in his usual pace.

“I usually play the supporting comedic role. But this time, I get to play the super serious really big role,” Haan explained. He plays Tevye, the lead of the show.

“[Finding out] was surprising because it’s just so different from anything I’ve ever done.”

As the cast gets excited to prepare for their roles, production staff, crew heads, and crew members are meeting to get backstage work done.

As Stage Manager, senior Aubree Williams will run the show on show nights.

“[As SM] I help keep the cast motivated and ready for rehearsals,” Williams said. “I keep them on track and do whatever I can whenever the director isn’t there.”

Despite all of the excitement for the upcoming show, many actors are still feeling nervous for how they will tackle such a show as “Fiddler”.

“I think my biggest challenge will be sustaining the character because I’m on stage for 95 percent of the show,” Haan said.

Even with all of the nerves, excitement, and challenges that may come, many students are looking forward to theatre beginning up again.

“My favorite part of rehearsals is honestly when it’s not even productive,” Krieg said. “I love when everyone’s just talking and laughing and having a good time.”

For Williams, she loves whenever someone overcomes a problem and is able to push through it.

“My favorite thing is seeing people’s faces light up whenever they figure something out,” Williams said. “Whenever an actor figures out how to sing a note right, or whenever a crew member figures out how to fix or build something. It’s always really exciting.”

The spring production of “Fiddler on the Roof” is April 11-13.