Spotlight on: Hotchkiss and Nardi

Students from AP Studio Art are featured on a special display in the art hallway. At the moment Dylan Hotchkiss and Leo Nardi’s work is on display.


Vincent Graczyk

Hotchkiss’ work on display shows his talent in various art mediums.

At the intersection by the graphic design room and upstairs bathrooms, the art department has been featuring different artists’ work. Every few weeks the artists on display change. At the moment, they’re celebrating the work of senior Dylan Hotchkiss and junior Leo Nardi.

Hotchkiss is in 5 art classes, and has been developing his art skills during his four years at FHC.

“I was really excited [when I found out] because I’ve been making stuff practically my entire time here,” Hotchkiss said. “I got to pick stuff from the last two years to finally go up in the hallway.”

Nardi had a similar reaction to finding out that he was chosen to display his work as a featured artist.

“It made me feel good, because it made me feel better about my work; it made me think that it was better than I thought it was,” Nardi said.

Nardi and Hotchkiss were chosen from students of Ms. Judy Switzer’s AP Art Studio class. All of the featured artists are in her 7th hour AP Studio class. Every few weeks, Ms. Switzer chooses two new students  to celebrate their work.

“Dylan has a really unique style. His work has a lot of energy to it, and I wanted everybody to see it,” Ms. Switzer explained. “I have seen a tremendous amount of growth in Leo over the last year, and I felt he had earned a spot to be featured.”

Ms. Switzer decided to highlight work from specifically her AP Studio students due to their hard work, work ethic, and dedication to their art. The students love it because they get to fill boards with their favorite pieces under their name, in a way that truly puts them on display.

Likewise, for all of their favored pieces that they pick out, each student has one that stands out to them as a particular piece they’re most proud of.

“There’s one out there that’s pretty edgy, but [my favorite] has got to be the skeleton holding a little skeleton with a puppet. It’s probably my favorite because it was the first time I started playing around with color and stuff and it came out really well,” Hotchkiss said.

Make sure to check out Nardi and Hotchkiss’ work, and to look for new art from other AP Studio students soon.