Spotlight on: Janelle Klos and Savannah Drnec

Klos and Drnec are two AP Art Studio students whose art is on display in the hallway. They’ve been hard at work all year creating works of art.


Courtesy of Janelle Klos

Gabby Buchholz, Copy editor

The AP Art Studio students have been hard at work everyday since the beginning of the year creating a multitude of projects. To celebrate all of their effort, two artists are chosen every few weeks to get to display their work. At the moment, the two featured artists being celebrated are seniors Janelle Klos and Savannah Drnec.

Klos and Drnec were chosen by Ms. Judy Switzer, the AP Art Studio teacher.

“Both of these young women have a really strong voice in their art,” Ms. Switzer said. “They’re both really meticulous and detailed, and use really high contrast colors.”

For Drnec, she was shocked her work was picked, but is excited for the opportunity it gives her.

“I was kind of confused, because I didn’t think my art is that good, but it also made me happy,” Drnec said. “I can let people see what I do.”

Klos was also excited to be able to share her work with a larger audience.

“I feel like my art is always isolated in a room and no one gets to see it besides AP Studio,” Klos said. “So now people finally have a name to go with my art.”

Ms. Switzer decided to highlight work from specifically her AP Studio students due to their hard work, work ethic, and dedication to their art. The students love it because they get to fill boards with their favorite pieces under their name, in a way that truly puts them on display.

Likewise, for all of their favored pieces that they pick out, each student has one that stands out to them as a particular piece they’re most proud of.

“The graphic design piece I did is my favorite because for almost all of AP Studio I never really did any graphic design pieces because I stuck mostly to paint,” Klos explained. “It opened a new chapter for me and helped me gain some experience.”

For Drnec, her favorite piece utilizes a different medium, which shows how her and Klos’ work complement each other well.

“My favorite piece is probably the pencil one I did of Harry Styles, because it’s my first pencil one and I think it looks really realistic and resembles him,” Drnec said.

Make sure to stop by and see Klos and Drnec’s work, and to look for new art from other AP Studio students in the coming weeks.