A look ahead for the season

The varsity baseball team started their season off at the Parkway Round Robin, and are looking forward to a good season.

Gabby Buchholz, Copy editor

As March comes to an end and the 4th and final quarter of the year begins, the spring sports teams have begun their seasons. The varsity baseball season began over spring break as they played all of the Parkway schools in the Parkway Round Robin tournament.

The team was successful against Parkway Central, South, and West, picking up wins against each.

Even though their season officially began in mid-March, the baseball players have been preparing and getting ready for this season in the weeks leading up to their first game. Even before their tryouts they had preseason conditioning and days in the weight room.

Junior Blake Painter believes that the team will have a fantastic season ahead of them, and credits that to his teammates and their overall mentality going into the season.

“We have a solid team and if we stay consistent without letting up we have a chance for a great season,” Painter said. 

For sophomore Kannon Cissell, he believes that the team’s success at the Round Robin was due in part to a great team spirit.

“We just practiced hard and practiced as a team, cheered everyone on,” Cissell said.

The boys have a long season ahead of them- not including rescheduled games to make up, they have games to play through May 8.

Cissell believes that the team will have a great season, and it will be because of not only their skills as players, but also because of how they’ll motivate each other and help each other along the way.

“We will do pretty good, we just have to keep working hard and keep reminding each other of what we need to do,” Cissell said.

Upcoming events this week include away games against Troy Buchanan, Fort Zumwalt North, and Fort Zumwalt West.

For a full list of all of the varsity baseball team’s upcoming and rescheduled matches, click here.