Going the distance

Girls track and field continues to excel as a team and as individuals


Kayla Reyes

Junior Maddie Bennett can be seen smiling as she jogs with her team at practice. As their season continues, the girl’s track and field team continues to have stellar performances at competitions.

Maddie Fuller , Staff reporter

The girls track team is getting better and better as the season continues. Varsity got 4th in the four by eight relay on March 29th, and many of the JV girls got first and second within their relays. As the season goes on, these hard-working girls are getting closer to their goals.

Senior and varsity captain Shante Hanna is enthusiastic for her final season.

“For our relays on Friday, we ran the fastest we have ever ran,” Hanna said. “My goal is to make it to state, to have a relay at state. The [last meet] was our big highlight because we all did really good and it made [our] goals look so much closer than we thought they were; and after friday, we were like, ‘Wow I can really do this state thing after all’.”

She recognizes that, as it is her last year, every meet counts, and she does her best to make the most of every mile.

“For me personally, this season has changed a lot, just knowing that I’m a senior,” Hanna said. “I try and soak in each meet. I try to appreciate the team and make the most of each track meet because I know it’s probably going to be my last one.”

Senior Varsity member Anna Williams is very impressed with the improvements being made.

“We’ve gotten more girls, we’ve made better scores, faster running, and got super close to our goals in going to state.” Williams said. “We’re making our goals seem more and more realistic each meet,”

Similar to varsity being successful, JV is also going splendid in their season thus far. Junior Gabby Shahan shares her experience with this season.

“The season is going really good, at the meet on Tuesday, I did better on my relays, each one I got either first or second place,” Shahan said, “Different from last year, we’ve had a lot more people come to our meets, causing most of the girls to get nervous and [flustered], kind of making it difficult to focus, but other than that, we’re doing great.”

Goals have been one of the many things pushing these girls to try their hardest, “My goal is to just keep improving on my pole vault and keep on running,” Shahan said. With the help from  their teammates, the track members believe they will be able to accomplish their goals and more.

Hanna wants her passion for track to be shared with everybody, letting it be known that there is always a place on the track team for anybody.

“Track is a great way to meet new people,” Hanna said. “And to put your abilities out there, whether they are good or bad. It doesn’t matter, because there are no cuts and everyone is loved. It’s just nice. There is a spot for everyone on track and field.”