Their season so far

The varsity boys baseball team has gone through half of their season, and they’re ready to finish the season strong.


Savannah Drnec

The varsity baseball players look on from the dugout.

Gabby Buchholz, Copy editor

The varsity boys baseball season is over its halfway mark. The boys have played teams such as Troy Buchanan, Fort Zumwalt East and South, the Wentzville schools, and all 3 teams in the Parkway School District.

The team has faced some fierce wins and some tough losses. Despite a hard loss against Troy Buchanan, senior Austin Wright believes that he and his team can bounce back quickly.

“We’re just going to forget about that last game, and just get back out there,” Wright said.

Likewise, sophomore Kannon Cissell credits the teams mentality to helping them succeed in previous games played.

“We just practiced hard and practiced as a team, and we cheered everyone on,” Cissell recalled.

For junior Zachary Baldi, he’s able to see when his team has struggled in the past, and recognizes how they were able to recover and bounce back.

“The first [game] we played pretty bad, we didn’t have any offense. But the second game, our offense was turned on and we had good pitching,” Baldi said in reference to a double header played against Fort Zumwalt North April 6.

Some of the team’s best wins were against Troy Buchanan and Fort Zumwalt North. Against Troy, they won 9-0 on April 2; and a 14-4 win against Fort Zumwalt North on April 6.

The boys have a final home game set for Tuesday, May 7 against Wentzville Liberty. From now until then, there’s still plenty of times to check the team out, both at home and at other high schools in the area. This week they’ll be playing Vianney at Vianney, Wentzville Holt both at home and at Holt, and Kirkwood High School.

For more information, check out the Francis Howell Central activities twitter for play by play updates, and the MSHSAA website for the final scores and standings in the Class 5 District 7 league.