Spiking the Competition Down

Spartan girls secure a victory against Francis Howell North.


Katie Linke

Senior Olivia Green serves the ball during the Spartan victory on Sept. 5. This past weekend the girls varsity team had a tournament in Washington.

Zoe Michals , Staff reporter

The varsity girls volleyball team is off to a promising start this season. With their first game against Francis Howell North last Thursday ending in a hard-earned win, the girls have high hopes for the rest of the season. They won the first set but lost the second, setting tensions high for the third. Fortunately, the girls were able to come together and lead their team to victory. 

Junior Emma Hultz is proud of her team for this win, but says there’s still some work to be done. Olivia Green, senior, agrees. Cecelia Shelton, senior, believes that the team is going to continue their winning streak.

“I think we had a couple issues with serving and passing, but we’ve been working on a lot of drills during practice to improve that,” Hultz said.

“We struggled a little bit with passing in the first game,” Green agreed. 

But the girls are confident that these kinks will be worked out easily because they are all willing to put in hard work and eager to see it pay off. They’ve been practicing hard after school and are very excited to see how it affects the many games to come this season. They are also excited to now be under the guidance of Coach Steven Le.

“I like the way Le coaches. I think he’s really good,” Cecelia Shelton said.

Coach Le stepped up this season to lead the varsity girls volleyball team. Hultz thinks that this change has made things different for the better. 

“He’s been changing a lot of different things and it has helped us improve a lot,” Hultz remarked. 

After the grit and skill these girls proved to have in their first game, there is no doubt they will have a competitive season full of great game play. With a new perspective contributed by Coach Le and a determination from the girls to improve, their major goal for this season, state, seems attainable. Their upcoming game this Tuesday at 5pm against Fort Zumwalt South will be an indicator of whether or not their hard work is making an impact.