Making history

Varsity football continues their winning streak in game against Fort Zumwalt South


Abby Turner

Before the varsity football team’s home opener, the student supporters displayed a banner that read “Take the Dogs To the Pound”, referring to the mascot of South: the bulldog.

Kana Chung , Copy editor

We’re super pumped [about the good start], and we’re excited to see where we can go this season.”

— Kannon Cissell

For just the second time in the last 14 years of spartan football, the varsity team holds a 2-0 winning streak, and stands undefeated after the success at their home opener against Fort Zumwalt South .

Junior Kannon Cissell had a stellar performance in last Friday’s game against Fort Zumwalt South. With a 30 yard touchdown before the end of the first half, Cissell put a sizeable gap between the Spartans and South, despite the poor weather.

“Me and [Quarterback Parker Frye] connected for the touchdown. The bad conditions didn’t affect us,” said Cissell. 

After this play, excited comradery could be felt and many of the students, colored in red, white and blue to match the game’s USA theme, were on their feet. Senior Emma Mize was in the student section, and described the atmosphere of the game.

“It was like we were a whole family- everybody was going to the same goal and nobody cared, like ‘Oh you’re in this group of people,’ or like, ‘Oh, you’re in this group of people.’ It was just everybody together,” Mize said. 

The excitement, however, extended beyond the crowd. The whole team was excited to have brought home a second win.

“We’re super pumped [about the good start], and we’re excited to see where we can go this season,” said Cissell.

Quarterback Parker Frye credits their success, in part, to the team’s defensive strength.

“Our offense has been coming out slow, but our defense has really been showing up [the first two games],” Frye said.

Mize feels that this continued support is part of the reason for the team’s success.

“I think, at least for me, I would be so excited to be on that field and have everyone cheering for me,” Mize said. “And whenever we chant people’s names, I think that’s so cool, because then [the players think], ‘Oh my gosh, that’s me. That’s my name.’ So I would be a little nervous if I was the football team, but also super excited to show them what I can do.”

Cissell also feels that the energy from the fans transfers to the team during games, and that continuing this level of energy throughout the season will give players strength when facing adversity.

“We have to keep the hype up, and stay motivated [to continue winning] and push through any problems we might face,” Cissell said.