Centralized: Episode 1

Our first episode of the year gives you a glimpse into the beginning of the year here at FHC.


Chase Redington

Ty Nedungadi gets ready to push off the wall to start his lap.

On the initial episode of Centralized, we examine the boys swim team, popular teacher Mrs. LaRue, and the brand new weight room. For a specific story, you can click one of the timestamps below:

Mrs. LaRue: 0:44

Our foreign exchange student: 2:08

Sam Newton: 4:55 Weightroom: 7:26

Boys swim: 11:19


This year our format is a little bit different, and we have updated our segments. For specific segments you can click the timestamps listed below:

Sports and Health: 5:53

What You Need to Know (politics): 14:01

Entertainment: 15:49