Competing at GACs

The girls tennis team comes closer to the end of the season while competing in GACs.

Natalie Walsh, Sam Chen, and Ty Nedungadi

Their brains were washed; mixes of mathematics, spanish, and biology danced in their heads. They watched the clock as the minutes passed and the second hand got closer and closer to 12; the big, red hand moving faster and faster. Stammering to collect their books, papers and tennis rackets, the members of the girls tennis team collectively left the school building to play the sport they love at one of the most competitive meets of the year. GACs. 

 The bus ride to the meet was filled with dedicated students doing their homework, trying to catch up for the hours they missed during the day. But more importantly, it was filled with girls waiting anxiously to compete at Francis Howell High in their GACs tournament. 

GACs consisted of two days of intense competition during school hours. Leaving school early on September 30 and October 1 to compete. 

Prior to GACs, the team had some notable successes. Inge Petrie, senior on varsity gold, competed well in the meet before GACs.

I think everyone did really good [throughout the season], I think everyone gave it their all and next year is going to be fun.”

— Hayley DeBlaze

“They were pretty good games. I won almost all my singles matches except for 3 games. I almost won every doubles match, I think we lost 3 or 4, the rest we won,” Petrie said.

She, looking forward to GACs, performed particularly well and was uplifting for her other teammates. For sophomore Mogan Ihler, varsity silver member, the positive team attitude may have helped her spectacular performance. 

“I feel like our team did really well. Me and my doubles partner, Abby Turner got first in our division and got first in 5 doubles,” Ihler said. 

After a rather successful GACs, the girls take note that the season is coming to an end. According to MSHSAA’s website, the girls only have one meet left before districts. Sophomore Hayley DeBlaze, varsity silver member, feels that as the season is coming to an end, their skills are now fully developed and their bonds have grown immensely.

“I think everyone did really good [throughout the season], I think everyone gave it their all and next year is going to be fun,” DeBlaze said.