From Home to the Court

Jennifer Padron is currently a homeschooled freshman who has decided to make the trip to Francis Howell Central to play for their volleyball program. Her dedication and her love for the sport inspires all she meets.

Sarah Percy, Staff reporter

Freshman Jennifer Padron, who plays on the Francis Howell Central junior varsity girls volleyball team, is an extremely devoted and dedicated player on the team. She never fails to let her fellow team members down, despite the fact that she faces a huge obstacle in her way. Padron, although a member of the FHC volleyball team, does not actually attend Francis Howell Central High School. She is currently homeschooled by her mother. However, because she is overwhelmed by her admiration for the game she loves, she attends school for the last two hours of the day. Padron elaborates on this complicated schedule she follows.

“I get here at 11:50 or 12:00 o’clock and then I go to intro to art and Spanish. I take the required classes [2] to play on a team here,” Padron stated.

  This allows her to gain the wonderful experiences associated with the game of volleyball and the elation felt from being a part of a team as great as this one. Her immense amount of dedication and determination to play the sport she loves not only has a positive impact on her life, but also those she surrounds daily. The members of the Junior Varsity team are extremely influenced by the admiration they feel towards their teammate and her ability to put volleyball above all. Sophomore and member of the team Kara Kempker speaks about the inspiration Padron amplifies in the girls.

“She inspires us all with how dedicated she is because she comes to school just for a sport that she cares so much about,” Kempker said.

Padron has become a role model on this team and a figure looked to as a source of influence on and off the court. Junior AnnaMarie Yates shares her feelings about Padron.

“I think it’s so cool that she takes classes here so she can play volleyball. That’s the only reason she’s here is to play volleyball,” Yates stated.

Padron believes that playing on a high school team with girls outside of her “bubble” will be a great way to make new friends and improve her volleyball skills to continue improving and growing as an overall person. As her first year partaking in this program, she can confidently say it was the right decision. Already, she is making improvements in her game and making connections with the girls. 

“I’ve become more confident on the court because I’ve gotten to know the people better,” Padron said.


“She inspires us all with how dedicated she is because she comes to school just for a sport that she cares so much about”

— Kara Kempker