Powerful Purr-ks of Pets

The benefits of owning a cat, dog, or any sort of pet

Craig Eddy

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Craig Eddy
May 15, 2020

Jackson Ford

A furry friend in its usual habitat, the local sock drawer. Cats and other pets have very different likes and dislikes, but almost all of them enjoy affection just as much as the one giving the attention

I just got home from a long and stressful day of school, work, or just life in general. You may think the last thing I would need after a period of high stress is a dog or cat constantly bothering me. But when I walk through that door and see my little puppy, Charlie, so excited to greet me, eagerly jumping up to grab my attention, or pawing at me hoping for me to rub his belly, I can’t help but get distracted in his joyful demeanor. In reality, these moments of distraction from everyday stress can be life-saving.

Pets, not just dogs or cats but pets of all kinds, are a blessing to this Earth. Whether it be a crazy, hyper, play pal or a calm, sleepy, cuddly buddy, and everything in between. All pets of different breeds, shapes, and sizes have their own unique attributes and benefits of being around them. Take dogs to start with. They are helpful with so many issues that everybody deals with on a daily basis. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, going crazy from all the stress in your life or just feeling lost, spending just a couple minutes with a dog can lift your spirits, lower anxiety and blood pressure, prevent things like loneliness and even help with depression. On the scientific side, petting and interacting with a dog, cat, or really any pet releases serotonin and dopamine, two neurochemicals that are incredibly important in staying calm and well. 

A couple years back, I had a pet dog named McKinley. He was a big snuggle bug who loved attention and hugs. On days where I was stressed or angry or anything in between, I would hear his footsteps clack down the hall, see his smiling face walk into my room, and laugh as he’d gently place his head on my lap. Anytime I was in this mood, he would be there to distract me and help me get my composure back, just like a caring friend. He always knew how to calm me down, with a simple touch of his nose to a paw on my leg, asking me to let him help. This is the kind of care that dogs and even pets in general can give. A kind of care that you can’t necessarily get from anyone else.

One big benefit of all pets, and one that is pretty important to this day and age, is the social factor. Whenever a conversation runs out of steam or hasn’t even started, the topic of pets is one that almost everyone can get into. Alongside avoiding awkward silences, many pet owners can relate and meet new people who also own pets through their common interests. Not only that, but pets can help you find yourself. Everyone is unique in their own personal tastes, and some people may not like dogs, or cats, or reptiles, or birds, but there are an incredible amount of pets of all different kinds, and discovering which pet is preferred can help you realize something about yourself that you didn’t even know beforehand. 

Pets, as previously stated, can be lifesavers, literally. If it’s an animal that likes to run around and play, it boosts exercise and physical health. If it’s a cuddly lazy animal, it lowers anxiety, blood pressure, and stress. Small animals are easier to hold, while large animals are better for active play. Take any pet, and there’s most likely more benefits to owning it than not. Even if you think you’ll hate a pet, odds are you create as close of a bond with one as ever. One monumental task that pets can accomplish is to fulfill companionships. All pets, yes even lizards and tarantulas, fulfill the basic human need and desire for intimacy and touch.