Let Me Spell It Out For You


The Theater crew wrap up their final rehearsal for the “25’th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”.

The FHC Spotlight Players have wrapped up their final showing of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” The musical comedy was performed on three separate occasions between Nov. 17-19. The Theater department has been working tirelessly over the course of the past couple of months in preparation. Senior Andy Waliszewski details the chaos that has ensued in preparation for the musical.

“We’ve been staying up until 10:30 at night this week, rehearsing and trying to get our set pieces and our finishing touches put on. It’s been exhausting but it’s coming together very quickly. And very impressively,” Waliszewski said

The heavy workload brought on by conducting a school play or musical is not an easy one to manage, however, group traditions help to alleviate some of this stress. Andy describes some of these common theater traditions that he has encountered.

“There are always staged traditions. We have chants, we have girls and boys chants. We all get in a circle and we say things that we’re thankful for in the community of theater or in the production. And we have bohemians and I’m not allowed to explain what that is,” Waliszewski said.

The intensive nature of theater promotes a strong sense of community and creates powerful bonds between the people within the theater. Senior Joey Seevers recounts what being a part of the theater community has meant to him.

“Being in theater is like being in another family. It’s like the closest group of people I think I’ve ever had,” Seevers said.

The theater community is always looking for new members. For those interested in joining, Waliszewski has a message just for you.

“I hate to be the guy who says this. But as long as you can get yourself in the place, the physical place. It’ll happen naturally. I guarantee you, give it a chance. Just if you put yourself in the position. Naturally, your body will react how it needs to and it’s gorgeous to watch,” Waliszewski said.