Fuzzy Friends


Biscuits squirms over to greet Gravy who is snuggled up inside of a warm blanket that looks like a bee. Photos by Brock Slinkard.

Walking past the guidance office this year, students may overhear squeaking, alongside the laughter of students. These noises can be attributed to Biscuits and Gravy, the two Guinea pigs currently residing in Counselor Kendra Horton’s office. A plethora of questions have come to mind as students and staff discover that our school has Guinea pigs. Their introduction to FHC has been exciting for pet lovers, and has created a healthy outlet for students to decompress throughout their school day.

Many people are curious as to how they were allowed to be kept in Guidance. Mrs. Horton described the process in which she managed to seek approval from the school.

“I first checked with Mr. [Trevor] Wolfe and Dr. [Suzanne] Leake to make sure that it was okay. Because when I was in my previous district, they let me have guinea pigs in my office. But then in my middle school over on the other side of the district, they said no. So then when I came here and it was a new school, I asked her and she said yes,”  Mrs. Horton said.

With so many visitors going to see Biscuits and Gravy It’s important to be able to tell them apart. Both piggies have distinctly different personalities, and have key features that set them apart from one another. Junior Claire Pitney describes their personalities.

“Well, guinea pigs are always very sweet and friendly. They’re both very kind, though gravy is a little more calm than Biscuits. Biscuits is very active and squirmy, but they’re both adorable,” Pitney said.

Students may also wonder how to tell them apart visually. Mrs Horton details their appearances so students can tell the difference between the two.

“They’re American Shorthairs And the way I kind of remember them is that Biscuits is kind of the cover color[Golden brown], like a biscuit, gravy is like a lighter color gravy. So they’re very similar but biscuits is a little bit bigger. Gravy is the smaller one, but they’re just adorable. To me. They’re like the little potatoes of the guinea pig world. Little potatoes running around,” Mrs. Horton said.

Students have multiple times throughout the day that they are able to visit Biscuits and Gravy. Junior Auggie Jauernig details his daily visit.

“I usually see them right before my last two hours and it usually keeps me motivated enough to finish the day,” Jauernig said.

Mrs. Horton explains why she chose to keep them at school, and how she believes they benefit the students of FHC

“I’m a huge believer in pet therapy and like physical touch therapy . A lot of times if you don’t have an animal, some people will get fabric that’s like velvet or something soft. Because it really just kind of helps to calm you down. There’s a lot of science behind it. But they’re just adorable. And I’ve had a couple of kids that have even just said, “I think this is the happiest moment I’ve ever had at school,” Mrs. Horton Said.

 Both Biscuits and Gravy have done a terrific job at improving morale throughout FHC. Having them at school has really helped students who are looking for a healthy way to alleviate their stress. Mrs Horton summarizes how having them around has impacted the students who visit them on a daily basis.

“They’re a huge help. I’ve had a couple of kids really start to open up because if you can focus on something in front of you, then it kind of helps you open up more because their comfort is there,” Mrs. Horton said.