Most anticipated games of 2010

2010 has offered big promises when it comes to sequels in video games. Some of the biggest names in the industry are coming back, or potentially coming back, some after many years of development. In no particular order, I have compiled a list of ones to look out for this year.


“Bioshock 2”

The first “Bioshock” stunned the world with its beautiful depiction of the fantasy underwater city of Rapture. The story and game play held up enough to receive the PC Game of the Year award from IGN. Featuring an extensive and unique multiplayer mode, “Bioshock 2” is out now and recieving high ratings.


“Dead Rising 2”

The big pull Capcom’s original “Dead Rising” can be summed up pretty simply: zombies. A lot of zombies. “Dead Rising 2” claims to allow for 6,000 zombies on screen at any given time, dramatically updated from the Dead Rising’s 800. Gamers can expect to choose their method of zombie killing sometime after April.

“God of War III”

A new installment of Capcom’s Sony exclusive has Kratos back and potentially bloodier than he has ever been. The intricate stories mixed with the ever-satisfyingly brutal hack-and-slash style game play has brought Spike Video Game’s Most Anticipated Game of 2010 award into the callused hands of Kratos in God of War III. Expect to get your hands on it March 16.

“Guild Wars 2”

“Guild Wars” was one of the few massively multiplayer online role playing games that did not set you back with monthly payments back when the MMO craze hit. “Guild Wars 2” is estimated to launch sometime between 2010 and 2011 with more playable races, taking place 250 years after the events of the first game.

“Lost Planet 2”

“Lost Planet” wormed its way into Xbox 360s back in 2007, with a generic story, repetitive combat, but extremely fun guns that discounted everything bad about the game for a few hours. The previews for “Lost Planet 2,” set to release May 18, show an overhaul of the repetitive combat, adding in gigantic boss battles and four player coop. The most prominent preview shows a group of four players fighting a massive monster, much like one you’d find in “Shadow of the Colossus,” even going inside the monster’s body to fight it.

“Mass Effect 2”

Already released as of Jan. 26th, “Mass Effect 2” has received rave reviews, with IGN claiming it to be “a better game in near every way” over “Mass Effect,” fixing many of its predecessor’s short comings. This role-playing game features over-the-shoulder combat much like Gears of War, creating one of the few RPGs without generic combat.

Other games rumored or set to release sometime in 2010 include “StarCraft II,” “Rock Band 3” and “Battlefield: Bad Company 2.”