Margaret’s top 10 websites

SO, this is hands down the FUNNIEST website I have ever seen. I could seriously spend all day looking at the crazy people who go to Walmart.

This my friend’s blog that she started after being diagnosed with cancer. This blog, very openly, takes readers through her battle with cancer.

MLIA may be the website I spend the majority of my time on. I relate to the posters so much sometimes it is scary.

I’ve followed Invisible Children for years now and have always been extremely impressed by their website. The amount of information they have about Uganda and their charity is incredible. If you’re looking for a credible charity to donate to, this site should be the first on your list.

This is Central alumni Emily Struckmann’s website featuring her jazz album ‘Like Someone in Love.’ As the website says, “the sounds of Emily Nicole relax the mind and body and warm the soul.”

This sounds nerdy – but if it weren’t for this website, I’d be BROKE.

Looking for a regularly updated blog to follow? Check out local St. Louis boy, Zack Moody’s blog for new tunes, pictures and witty updates.

8. has saved my butt while doing Algebra two homework multiple times this year. AMEN to the creators of this website!

If you’ve had Mr. Varwig, then you know what’s up. He talks about this website on a daily basis – but like it or not, this website is probably the reason I’m passing Music Theory.

“Enriching lives and building community through the arts” is their moto. This is the website of an inner-city school focusing on the arts. With the importance of the arts in school’s getting lower and lower, I find this organization gives hope to all of those non-athletic, art student’s out there.