Ellen’s top 10 websites

1. trailers.apple.com
Even though this is the iTune store, it is an awesome place to watch trailers for upcoming movies.

2. www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4999736/ns/multimedia
This link has the coolest news pictures with a photo contest in which you can vote on the most amazing pictures of all. It’s addicting!

3. www.numberempire.com/equationsolver.php
For all your equation solving needs 😀

4. dictionary.reference.com
For when you get writers block and can’t figure out what word to use.

5. www.fhctoday.com
I know I am on the newspaper staff and you’re thinking “she is just trying to get us to go there,” but honestly I go there all the time to read updates on the school because half the time the news is new to me. I also LOVE looking at the pictures on FHC180.

6. www.addictinggames.com
The games are SOOOOO addicting!!!!

7. www.picnik.com
It’s funny because a bunch of people out there spend a bunch of money to get a bunch of photoshop tech when they could just get it all for free online.

8. www.winkflash.com
Do you have pictures that need to be developed for a low cost?! Then winkflash is the place for you!

9. www.hauntedhouse.com
This site tells you the coolest, lamest and scariest haunted houses all over the country.

10. www.songlyrics.com
“Ahh man I sound like an idiot when I sing that song because I don’t know the words. What do I do!?” Go to this site of course for all your lyric needs.