Claire’s top 10 websites

This website contains inspirational and just plain cute stories that make my day every time I visit this site.

The most comfortable shoes ever! I love checking the new styles, viewing pictures people submit of their shoes and reading blogs about what the cause is accomplishing. For every pair you buy a pair will be given to a child in need!

This is the site my church uses to organize our worship services. I myself am one of the worship leaders and this site has been a life saver! It contains names of all musicians, songs and sends out emails to all participants of that week.

This is my bank’s website. It has saved my butt multiple times. I have a spending problem…

My friend Liz’s blog!! She is one of the funniest people I know and I love reading her posts/watching her videos/viewing her pictures.

Like indie music? This website allows indie bands to design their own tshirts and sells them for charity. It’s a really great cause!

I discovered this site while working on a story for the newspaper. It lists every phobia in existence. This. Is. Funny. Check it.

See if you can figure this one out 😉

This is where I catch up on my favorite shows (Lie to Me, House, the Office) when my DVR decides to be dumb, which is often.

Website for the LGH mission. This group supports women in Africa by teaching them trades and empowering them with hope. They sell SUUBI (hope in Swahili) necklaces that the women make. It is an incredible ministry, and the necklaces are beautiful.