Sean’s top 10 apps

1. Words With Friends Free
It’s scrabble with friends and it can go on for a long time. Don’t go and pay $2.99 for the priced one you get the same amount of fun with the free version.

2. Doodle Jump
This game is 99 cents, but has a lot of replay value with eight stages to try and see how far you can jump.

3. Cut the Rope
Fun game where you try and put the piece of candy in the monster’s mouth while trying to grab all three stars beforehand. Once again 99 cents, but a lot of replay value.

4. Fruit Ninja
Cut as many fruit as you can and don’t hit the bombs. For this 99 cent app you can even challenge your friends in chopping up the most fruit.

5. Shazam
Whenever I like a song and don’t know what it is I use shazam and it does it for me and its free. All I recommend is that you just don’t go overboard on the music tags or else they will start charging you.

6. Dactyl
A free time stealer app, tap as many bombs as you can before they explode.

7. Infinity Blade
Now if you have the cash I definitely recommend this one. It’s the best looking game on the iPhone. For $5.99 you can fight your way through giant monster’s to avenge your father’s death.

8. Weird Laws
For free, people can see what stupid laws each state has and they are pretty dumb.

9. Archetype
I like Halo just as much as anybody and this shooter for the iPhone is a great multi-player game for 99 cents.

10. Plants vs. Zombies
Use strategy to keep zombies away from your house with fighting plants for only $2.99.


Here also was last week’s to top 10 apps on iTunes.

1. Angry Birds
99 cents. Score revenge against the pigs and get back the stolen eggs.

2. Burn the Rope
99 cents. Keep the fire alive and try to see how much rope you can burn.

3. Fruit Ninja
99 cents. Slice as much fruit as you can and challenge your friends to beat your high score.

4. Cut the Rope
99 cents. Get the candy into the monster’s mouth while acquiring stars along your way.

5. Uno
99 cents. Play the classic card game by yourself or with your friends.

6. Angry Birds Seasons
99 cents. Defeat the evil pigs in these festive holiday stages.

7. Doodle Jump
99 cents. See how high you can jump and post your high scores to Facebook or Twitter.

8. 8mm vintage camera
$1.99. Shoot old time movies with this app.

9. Family Guy Time Warped
99 cents. Play as Stewie or Brian as you travel through time in this arcade game.

10. Family Feud.
99 cents. Play the game show now on your iPhone with to modes single and multiplayer.