And the thunder rolls

This week, you could say, has been emotional. A lot of issues, and I am not sure how I am even functioning right now. It has all been a huge roller coaster. I have had to make decisions that I do not want to make, keep a smile on my face that is completely fake and stay awake during class even though I have been restless in the night.

Throughout the week my biggest issue has been trust. Trust is something that can be earned with time but destroyed in seconds. It can take months, even years to earn it back. So why do people take advantage of trust? People who have insecurities are pretty easy to take advantage of. I should know because I can be one of those people. But after this week, I will never worry about that again. I had a right to be insecure and do not blame myself at all. When you have a hunch about something and you second guess yourself about it, do not. I can not stress that enough! If someone gives you a reason not to trust them, then it is their fault. They should not be giving you a reason to doubt anything, but if they are, then never second guess yourself.

Trusting in yourself is just as important. When you trust in yourself you may gain self-confidence as well.