Students consider homecoming a success

The many homecoming events created a fun atmosphere for teachers and students

Michayla Pordea, Staff Reporter

During the hectic first few weeks of school, Student Council members have been busy juggling their school work, while also working to create a memorable spirit week for their classmates. With the pep assembly, Homecoming parade, powderpuff, Homecoming game, and the dance, students have had more than enough events to attend this past week. The hard work of StuCo has paid off and the students have considered it a definite success.

Senior Danielle Robbins said she enjoyed her last Homecoming dance.

“I loved it! It was one of my favorites so far because it is my senior year and I wanted to make the best of it, and I got to hang out with my old and new friends,” Robbins said.

Most seemed to love walking through parts of the school seeing the seasons progress. Sections of the school were made to imitate the four seasons.

“Compared to other years, the dance was really great. I actually liked the decorations more than I thought I would. This year, they also had snow cones, which I enjoyed so much that I had three,” said junior Sarah Lupescu.

Although the events themselves are fun, Lupescu desires change in the spirit days.

“What I don’t like about Homecoming week is the spirit days just because of the fact that they are similar to previous years and there are no new fresh creative ideas,” said Lupescu.

The parade was also a beloved event that led up to the dance. The school spirit that it created, helped students to come together and show off their school.

Junior Emily Turner, who was on Homecoming court, had the chance to see the parade from a different point of view.

“I had so much fun getting to see little kid’s reactions to the court. Most of the time, I don’t get to see what’s going on around me because of color guard, but it was fun to get to see that this year,” Turner said.

The little details that went into homecoming week did not go unnoticed by the students. The many hours of intense preparation for homecoming, made the biggest event of the year a one to remember, thanks to Student Council and their hard work.