Varsity basketball players reset while thinking about the play that just occurred. Their hard work was paying off through their game.

Heads in the game

Inside some of FHC’s varsity basketball players, we see how they felt about tryouts, the new team, and the upcoming season.
Catherine Analla and Carlin Bippen May 2, 2018

As the FHC’s boys basketball season began and ended, the varsity basketball team had a look taken inside of some of their players. Many team members shared insight regarding their practices and their...

When dieting, people often turn to healthy foods, such as apples. In return, they expect to lose weight quickly, without knowing what results certain diets actually have.

Healthy dieting

Students who diet usually aren't aware of what the benefits of diets actually are, and how to diet without harming their bodies.
Catherine Analla, Staff reporter May 1, 2018

Diets have always been something that people have tried for weight loss, health benefits, or just to see what it would be like. The benefits of long-term, healthy diets, can have a positive impact on people,...

Seniors Will James and Macey Leap stand and wave at Homecoming pep assembly

Different perspectives within Student Council

With homecoming over, Student Council members reflect on their roles within the club and dance coordination.
Catherine Analla and Carlin Reed-Bippen October 9, 2017

Students came, partied, left the dance, went to restaurants or friend’s houses, but what about those who committed hours to the setup of Homecoming? Student Council has many roles within it; president,...

Senior Aly Janis and Junior Gabe Prather stand with FHC homecoming advertisement sign

Homecoming – behind the scenes

With homecoming approaching FHC, organizers and planners work tirelessly to prepare
Catherine Analla and Carlin Reed-Bippen September 26, 2017

Homecoming; the “ultimate high school experience." Practically everyone in high school knows about homecoming, right? But do they know how much hard work goes into the planning and details? “The...

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