Ecstatic Endings

Emily Sirtak, Staff Reporter May 26, 2022

After days of tiring practices and nerve wracking games, the boys volleyball season came to an end May 20, losing a playoff game to Vianney. Their season was a raging success, often ending most games in...

Mr. Crowell gives a scoff to a student who gave a smart remark.  Crowell loves to joke around with his students to make class more fun.

Micheal Crowell

Samantha Castille, Staff Photographer May 5, 2022

After sitting in crowells classroom for two years now I can safely say he has become one of my favorite teachers at FHC.  He is a very generous teacher and makes his students laugh. I am always in a good...

Mr. Koz directs the students in his chemistry class on the breakdown of a compound chemical equation.  Koz tries to help his students understand the complex learnings of chemistry and tries to make the class interactive and fun with different labs and activities.

John Koz

Charlie Rosser and Clara Kilen, Staff Photographer and Staff Reporter May 5, 2022

Mr. Koz, I just want to say thank you for the great times I had in your class this year. Your class has given me a new appreciation and love for chemistry, so much so that I’m seriously considering...

Ms. Frys students look on as she cracks jokes and funny remarks during her lesson.  Fry tries to make her classroom enjoyable to students and loves to create a fun dynamic with everyone she meets.

Melissa Fry

Faith Beckmann, Central Focus Editor May 5, 2022

Dear Mrs. Fry, Doing anything with creative writing in school has always been a nerve wracking process for me as my writing has always been something very personal in my life; however, your class made...

Mr. Bailey helps a student with their schedule with a kind smile on his face. He tries to make his office a welcoming place for students that struggle with their schedules and other academic issues.

Dustin Bailey

Samantha Castille, Staff Photographer May 5, 2022

Walking into a counselor's office is often a scary and daunting task that every student has experienced at some point. Whether they are doing the annual check-in for your schedule, or maybe you asked to...

Ms. Kelly controls her classroom with grace as she lectures to her students.  Learners love her direct teaching and value the composure she holds herself with as she teaches.

Jane Kelley

Hannah Bernard, Multimedia Editor May 5, 2022

Mrs. Kelley,   You are the best part of my mornings. Waking up and getting to school on time can be a chore some days, but knowing I get to hang out with you first hour always puts a little...

Ms. Riti kindly helps a student through their confusion with the assignment. Ms. Riti always tries to be a supporting figure in the lives of all her students and makes sure each one of them feels loved and respected.

Barb Riti

Faith Beckmann and Riley Wania, Central Focus Editor and Photo Editor May 5, 2022

Dear Ms. Riti,   Though I only had you as a teacher for one semester, I can truly say that you made a major impact on me. No matter the student, you always went out of your way to talk to and...

As Dr. Miller helps a student, they are surrounded by bright colors and a cheerful teacher.  Dr. Miller loves to add color and life to her classroom to make it a more enjoyable class for her students.

Jen Miller

Maya Culian, Social Media May 5, 2022

Senora Miller! It's been amazing having you my last two years of high school. I don’t believe I have ever met a soul as kind and caring as yours. You show each and every one of your students your full...

Ms. Rowe cant help but smile as she teaches her latest biology lesson about ecology and the soil food web. Her genuine love for all things science makes her class an enjoyable place to learn.

Jessica Rowe

Madi Hermeyer, Visual Media Editor May 5, 2022

Mrs. Rowe,  I wish I had the words to explain the impact that you’ve had on me in my four years here at FHC. I remember meeting you my very first day in this building, Freshman Transition Day. That...

Mr. Rohrbach tries to hold back his laughter as a student makes a smart remark. Rohrbach likes to have fun with his classes through his poor attempts at dad-jokes and likes to make personal connections with his students.

Jeremy Rohrbach

Clara Kilen, Staff Reporter May 5, 2022

Although I have never had Mr. Rohrbach in class, I know Coach Rohrbach fairly well. Rohrbach has taught me everything I know about tennis and I can’t thank him and Coach Brown enough for introducing...

Ms. Fay discusses the difference between different levels of AP essays in preparation for the AP Lang test coming up. Ms. Fay values the importance of preparation and wishes to give students confidence by the time they get to the exam.

Laurie Fay

Tea Perez and Riley Wania , Editor in Chief and Photo Editor May 5, 2022

Throughout middle school and the beginning of high school, I was never really the kind of student that wanted to form close-knit bonds with my teachers. I was always satisfied with the pleasant and mundane...

Ms. Morrow lectures her class on their latest unit.  She is very passionate about math and wants to spread that love to her students.  Her positive outlook and willingness to help comforts students about their challenges to math.

Trisha Morrow

Raina Straughter, Staff Photographer May 5, 2022

I honestly don’t know where to begin as far as my respect goes for you Mrs. Morrow. Out of every math teacher I’ve had, I don’t think they have cared as much as you. From a young age I have always...

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