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Team building exercises occur every Thursday meeting to give members an opportunity to get to know one another.  Senior Jackson Timblin is pictured with his group that will be together for the week of Homecoming. The bonding during meetings will only add on to the grueling hours to come in order to get the school ready for dance.

Manning Up

Ian Ingram October 22, 2018

To be involved at this school requires either the littlest amount of effort or a schedule so full that doing homework at home becomes a natural instinct. It really depends on the schedule: some students...

During the preparation for the gift giving in Mrs. Dennigmans room, this is what the key chains looked like. Most have chosen to use the key chain as is,but some have simply kept them as a mementos from the school.

Each name with a keychain

Ian Ingram September 19, 2018

A club at this establishment has recently been found out for a secretive act that the majority are not aware of. They tried to keep it under wraps, but now we know what they have gotten away with. Student...

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