Funny, farcical frenzy

The cast of

Erika Paar

November 25, 2013

It all started out like a normal night in the vicarage, with Miss Skillon complaining to Mr. Toop, and Penelope being, well, Penelope, when all of a sudden things turned upside down, and a normal British home turned into a mad house. “See How They Run” is a farcical play set in 1940’s Engl...

New coaches give high hopes for a new season

August 28, 2013

The FHC cheer teams have had some big changes recently. They have gotten an entirely new coaching staff this year, including head varsity coach Karrie Tumlenson. Sophomore Emily Salge feels that the new coaches have been good for the team. “It’s good to have someone who has a background in com...

Mrs. Briesacher

Erika Paar

May 6, 2013

Being the girl who was always good at English, but hated it because it was boring, I was not excited to go into Pre AP English I. On the first day as a scared freshman, I walked into English and expect it to be just like every other class had been that day. I expected to go over the class rules and pr...

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